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‘How’ to Find Inspiration

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Repost from the Fusion blog:

Regina Spektor’s new music video came out a few weeks ago, and both the music and images have been dancing around inside my head. Because I spend my days caught up in finding the right words for Fusion clients, it’s nice to give that wordy part of my brain a rest when the work day is over. That’s when I turn to activities like baking and cutting up books and magazines for collage.

Both have a meditative quality. You have to focus on what you’re doing in the moment, or you’ll mess up the cookies or slice off a finger with an X-acto knife.

Here’s one of the images from the video that inspired me to try my own version, below, made with a photo of my daughter and art cut from a book of botanical art and pictures from children’s dictionaries and Golden Press science volumes from the 1960s.

I also searched for information about the video’s director, Margo Weathers, with hopes of seeing more of her work. As it turns out, her background is in advertising, where she worked for Macy’s and Nieman Marcus. I love her creative and fun take on fashion. View her portfolio at

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